• Premium 2-Way SMS Services

  • Highly Reliable Routing Plans

  • Over 99% Guaranteed SMS Delivery


198 +


174 +


1600 +

Reaching Globally Through SMS

Gotel SMS is a turnkey solution for businesses and vendors that require advanced features enabled SMS services with a global reach. Our platform offers globally compliant, spam resistant, and secure connectivity at highly competitive rates to guarantee the best value.

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Smart traffic routing system for guaranteed delivery

Advanced spam mitigation process to stop overcharging

Support of SMPP, UCP and SS7 protocols

24/7 priority customer and technical support

Ensuring Smooth and Reliable Global SMS Services


At Gotel, we are enabling global connectivity for businesses by providing the most affordable and globally connected SMS delivery service. Our SMS infrastructure is built on the latest AI-based technologies to ensure accelerated business growth for our partners.

All services


Before every SMS is sent


Of our entire network system


Custom built for our users


Add/Remove Services On-demand


Pay only for resources used

Advanced Security

High level encryption protocols

What makes us better


198+ Countries

Expand your SMS network globally.

1600+ Networks

The largest SMS network in the world.

Best Rates

Best bulk and wholesale rates for vendors.

Global Delivery

Guaranteed SMS and report delivery network.

NOC Center

Dedicated network support center.

Premium Routing

Route your SMS traffic on the best networks.

Direct Trunking

Direct transmission for quick SMS delivery.

Data Encryption

LHigh-level encryption for added data security.

Global Adaptability

Send SMS to GSM/CDMA and other networks.

Data Verification

Extensive verification and validation of the network.


Smart LCR infrastructure to manage costs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud-based fast and secure system.

Routing Selection

Select the best services routing plan.

Live Traffic

View live traffic and generate instant reports.

Cost Review

View and manage the cost of services acquired.

User Control

Manage users, teams, and clients from the dashboard.

Turnkey SMS Platform


Gotel provides a robust and high-quality hubbing platform to businesses, wholesalers, and telecom operators that allows our users to launch premium SMS services globally. Our infrastructure facilitates all major data transmission protocols, including SMPP, SIGTRAN, HTTP, RCS, UCP, Dynamic Routing for the best pricing, and Smart Signaling Security System that ensures protection of user's data at every segment. The entire infrastructure can be readily implemented for any business.

Smart Reporting System


Our system architects understand the importance of being in control of any business. At Gotel, you are in control of all the telecommunication services you acquire from us. We have a very innovative and intuitive services management and control dashboard panel that gives you handle everything from the same interface.




All-in-One Solution

Best Quality Service, Direct SMS Routing, Instant, and Guaranteed Delivery... More Details


Worldwide Coverage

Maximum Coverage, Best Bulk Pricing, Multiple Routing Partners... More Details


Cost Efficient

Maximum Coverage, Lowest Price, Multiple Routing Partners, Best Volume Prices... More Details

Global Outreach

Build a global brand and be universally recognizable. Send SMS worldwide and maximize the outreach of your business.

Completely Automated

Automate SMS campaigns according to a calendar and user actions; have complete control over every feature.

Business Branded

Send SMS worldwide with your business branding so that your audience recognizes you the moment they get the notification.

Scalable & Compliant

Gotel SMS complies with global communication standards allowing you to scale the messaging API to international business requirements.

Reporting Interface

Get comprehensive reports on all active campaigns, messages sent, received, and responses from your recipients.

Multiple Languages

Gotel SMS is global and lets your send SMS in more than 25 different languages. The auto-translate feature is also provided.

Gotel has become one of the leading telecom companies in the world because of our commitment to excellence, premium products, quality services, customer services assurance, reliable infrastructure, and unbeatable prices over value.

Because We Make Sure Your Message Is Delivered


Complete delivery Reports

We have implemented one of the most advanced SMS delivery reporting system that tracks every communication from generation to termination.

Control and manage costs

Use our built-in cost management tool to know the exact price of every SMS with a complete breakdown from the transmission to delivery.

Encrypted and secure

Every SMS is encrypted, time-stamped, and destination bonded to ensure secure communication at every end.

Global Compliance

Gotel SMS Platform complies entirely with SMPP and UCP requirements. Any SMS sent according to these specifications will be supported.

Exclusive Services

Leverage our exclusive partnerships with premium SMS routing partners for guaranteed service delivery.

Resource Management

Control costs and manage marketing and client acquisition costs with our specialized SMS solutions.

Economical Pricinge

Our economical bulk SMS plans offer the best prices to wholesalers, and technology companies.

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Gotel Telecom Registered

Gotel Telecom AG was registered as a telecom company in Switzerland and started providing VoIP and Data services to individual and business users in Europe.



Spreading Operations Worldwide

Within 6-months of operations, Gotel Telecom AG experienced massive success and growth in Europe. We opened 4 regional sales and support centers around the world, enabling our users to stay connected with us 24/7.



Gotel SMS for Businesses

We started providing backbone services and infrastructure to other telecom businesses, multinational corporations, security services and global wholesale SMS vendors.



Adding AI Tech to Gotel

We developed one of the most advanced SMS spam control, end-to-end encryption and information security system that propelled Gotel Telecom to become the preferred SMS delivery partner for over 174 companies worldwide.

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