Intelligent SMS Management


Our SMS infrastructure is built on an exclusive partnership network of mobile operators, communication services aggregators, and routing service providers to provide unmatched services at unbeatable prices. Gotel SMS services can be SS7 bound with SMPP and HTTP API. Also, we offer a complete SMS MT and MO solution for modern businesses to maximize outreach.

All of our customers have a dedicated number provided by Gotel, which works as an end-user contact number. These numbers are licensed from Mobile Operators around the world and are authorized to be used by Gotel users. We have developed multiple payment plans and packages to give cost control to the customer.

Protecting Network and Resources


Gotel offers a comprehensive, high-end user network security system that protects users and telecom operators from all kinds of resource abuse from scammers, hackers, and fraudsters.

  • SIM Box Trunking

    Our Network Operations Center continuously scans for anomalies in the network and responds immediately by re-routing the traffic from healthy routing partners. Our dedicated SIM box fraud detection system detects false DLRs, automatically blocks the network, and flags the partner network about transmission inconsistencies.

  • Continuous Network Scanning

    As network abuse grows globally, we must have a system that adapts to the latest network manipulation technologies. We have developed a unique network scanning system that monitors the entire network, learns from other networks, partners, and segments, and implements all corrective issues as they arise.

  • Fake DLR Identification

    Gotel network fraud system is proactive in detecting and controlling all kinds of fake DLR generation issues from aggregators and MNOs. We are working with several 3rd party network testing services to ensure smooth network-wide performance. We aggressively test all network segments for any fraud issues and implement control strategies to protect the network and our clients.

Gotel SMS Dedicated Customer Portal


To provide easy to navigate, use, and control Gotel SMS services, we have built a native Customer portal CRM. Our CRM dashboard can is customizable by the user using multiple modules and reporting tools provided in the platform. Some of the tools we are currently offering are:

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Global Coverage, Easy To Use Business SMS

Send business SMS to a global audience within seconds, run personalized SMS marketing campaigns in a few clicks.

Protecting your network, resources, and audience


Our SMS spam control system is designed to identify, manage, and mitigate spam as much as possible. We have set up multiple traffic evaluation and routing systems that automatically identify traffic irregularities and stop that source from clogging the network.

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Affordable Services


SMS Syntax

Create syntax text message templates, and our system will automatically generate personalized texts and send them to your audience. Our system detects and fills the syntax automatically.

Brand Marketing

Use your business name to send SMS to a global audience. Grow your business into a globally recognized brand without paying substantial telecom border interconnection fees.

Live Campaign Analytics

Our SMS user dashboard has advanced traffic and data analytics features, which allow our users to track every campaign and generate a comprehensive report with one click.

Scalable System

We believe in growth, and to facilitate your success, we have added several API integrations and technical solutions at the backend that allows for any kind of growth at any pace.

Campaign Scheduling

Our SMS system is entirely customizable and automatable. This feature allows our clients to customize and automate marketing campaigns on autopilot.

Advanced Security

We are facilitating Transnational Communication, OTP, 2FA, and promotional traffic with DLR. All of these services require the highest level of personalization and security, which we are ensuring at every step.