Routing C

Cost Efficient

Our Routing C is ideal for enterprises looking for fast, reliable, and budgeted SMS reach around the world. We offer global compliance, excellent service value, and universal SMS delivery through our smart integration platform. This platform is built on low-cost/high-value delivery architecture to provide maximum coverage within your budget.

  • For a business that requires full coverage, global audience, and the best price. Our system works actively to get the lowest prices possible for every SMS, which means that the price cannot be locked, but the best possible price can be guaranteed.
  • All SMS are routed through our proprietary AI operated cost evaluation and suppression system that selects the best communication channels and uses the best options available.
  • All latest routing scans are available on the user dashboard. Our clients can either select the low-cost routing plan manually or let the routing plan operate automatically.

Our C Routing plan is designed for SMS operators, vendors, and enterprises that want to offer the lowest price for their services. However, there is no compromise on network quality and security of user and network data. Our network evaluation and error resolution system detects and blocks all suspicious networks and devices and re-routes the traffic through the best available network for maximum throughput.

Smart Reporting System


Gotel connects your business to 1600+ networks, spread in 198+ countries worldwide. We offer maximum global coverage, with extensive spam control, sender and receiver ID verification, and multi-network binding protocols to make sure our clients get premium, enterprise-grade mobile terminating and mobile originating services.