Routing S

Cost Efficient

Gotel SMS service is designed and engineered to provide easily integrateable premium quality messaging services to wholesale SMS vendors, enterprises, and SMSC distributors. Our Routing-S platform can connect multiple network types on the same segment, leverage direct trunking infrastructure, and ensure maximum global service delivery at high speeds.

  • Our S-Class SMS solution is for businesses requiring uncompromised quality, top of the line service, intensive control on SMS delivery channels, and reporting. Our exclusive direct tunneling infrastructure gives unmatched service delivery to our partner SMSCs.
  • We have communication service partnerships with all leading telecom companies in the region, which is why we can deliver SMS directly on the mobile phones of the subscribers, without using any third party operators. We offer an excellent and competitive pricing plan, giving more control over costs to our clients.
  • All communication is routed through our platinum servers, which means that connection is fast, smooth and carries a maximum delivery assurance.

Gotel Routing-S offers maximum value with top of the line network security features, data protection tools, multi-net binding protocols, fast and guaranteed SMS delivery, and DLR identification. Our smart firewall feature detects and blocks all grey traffic from the network to provide the most efficient traffic monetization at no additional cost.

Smart Reporting System


Gotel connects your business to 1600+ networks, spread in 198+ countries worldwide. We offer maximum global coverage, with extensive spam control, sender and receiver ID verification, and multi-network binding protocols to make sure our clients get premium, enterprise-grade mobile terminating and mobile originating services.