Enabling Personal Freedom

Gotel Personal Account

Global accessibility, high-speed internet, affordable voice/video communication, and the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the world without thinking about the price, is now possible. Our Personal Accounts provide you high-end connectivity services matching your needs while staying within your budget.

IoT for Modern Houses

Gotel personal service is designed to enable the Internet of Things around you and give you the control of everything. Now you can connect all of your devices, smartphones, computers, and security system to a centrally managed cloud SIP portal. Access your portal from any of your devices, and controlling everything is now a click/tap away.
To ensure privacy and protection, we are using highly encrypted data connectivity and transmission protocols with multiple shields to make sure you are always on the safe end. We are enabling the future of IoT in modern homes today.

Built on Tech-Next

We know that we are never going to unhook ourselves from the internet. With 5G just around the corner, our users cannot wait to experience internet speeds that are at least 100x faster than what we have now.
So, we built Gotel Telecom on an infrastructure that is ready 5G. We want to make sure that all the top-notch services are available to you the day they are open to anyone in the world. We are working in close-connection with tech moguls of the world to make sure we are one step ahead of everyone else in the industry.

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